Hongming (Chip) Li

Hongming (Chip) Li has a great understanding of the state of education and educational theory in China with a bachelor's and Master's degree in Education from China and the UK, respectively. He has conducted extensive research on Chinese education policy as a research assistant, and he has excellent research skills to ensure accuracy and feasibility while investigating consumer intent and the current state of the industry. He was the one who developed the future of the foreign teacher training program within our service offering and helped guide our focus on combining online education with digital means to better support our clients. His experience in data analysis means that he has the ability to sift through the data we have and pinpoint challenges that our services may have in order to help the subsequent market direction. What's more, he draws on his knowledge of new technologies to provide technical support for the full range of our services, including the creation of a compliance foreign teacher database and a database of educational institution services, among others.