Compliance Services

No More Worrying About Complicated Policy Requirements

According to the current regulations in China, foreign teachers entering to work in various educational institutions in mainland China should be in good health and have no criminal record. In addition, he should meet the following conditions in terms of professional background, and firstly, he should have a bachelor’s degree or above. Secondly, he should have more than two years of education-related work experience or have a professional teaching qualification that is generally recognized internationally. The third one is to obtain a foreign expert work permit issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts. In the previous background verification service, we will verify the individual’s physical health, clean criminal record status, educational background, and work experience.

There is a confusing situation in terms of international teaching credentials, such as the TESOL certification that we often hear about for teaching English as a foreign language. Specifically, there are many organizations that lack sufficient credibility that claims to issue TESOL certificates, but they do so only to make money without providing trustworthy training and validation, which results in a shallow threshold for obtaining a TESOL certificate. In this context, we will create a database of organizations in our service and provide credit ratings of organizations that issue certificates. From there, it can be offered to individuals as well as to organizations that want to hire foreign teachers and will reject certificates issued by organizations with low credibility. In addition, we provide guidance to help foreigners who wish to work as teachers in China and obtain a foreign expert work permit.